Feeding the World - The Future for Protein

About AGCO Berlin Summit 2019

Providing the basic necessities to a growing world population represents an enormous challenge today. This challenge will only continue to grow primarily due to changing diets with the increased shift toward more protein-heavy diets, exhausting of resources and a shortage of arable land. By 2050, our global agriculture resources have to feed nearly 10 billion people. Experts of the United Nations estimate that agricultural production must increase by at least 70 percent over the next four decades to cope with the increase in world population.

The meat and poultry industry is a large segment within global agriculture. As the middle class in many emerging countries is growing, protein consumption is increasing. Thus, meat and poultry producers that are committed to humane production practices need more than equipment to be efficient. What they need are full-scale solutions that not only boost overall performance and productivity of their farming operation, but also offer innovative and sustainable solutions to improve animal handling and the fair treatment of animals in our agriculture supply chains.

The 2019 AGCO Berlin Summit on ‘Feeding the World - The Future for Protein’ aims to bring together agribusiness companies, food industry experts, politicians, academics and experts on animal welfare to share their experiences and discuss aspects of animal welfare in the context of modern agriculture and the need to feed a rapidly growing world population.

The AGCO Berlin Summit provides a platform for the agricultural industry and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues in farm animal welfare and to look at recent innovations and trends. Experts will discuss consumer concerns and companies will talk about challenges in protein production and how they are implementing solutions to improve the ethical treatment of animals.